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The Health in Aging Foundation estimates that as many as 87 percent of people will experience some kind of foot problem in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, many people choose to struggle through each day with intense foot pain instead of seeking care. Before you assume that your foot problem is beyond repair or that you'll need extensive surgery for relief, you may want to talk to a chiropodist about an orthotic device. Corey Bess, DPM, Chiropodist, of Hamilton Foot Care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, can help you by creating custom orthotics.

What Is an Orthotic?

An orthotic is a device created for a shoe to help correct defects, conditions, deformities, or general pain in the feet. The most common type of orthotic is an insert which you place inside each shoe before putting them on. Orthotic inserts are preferable to standard insoles because they are custom-made and last for years instead of just months. Other types of devices include supports, pads, and braces.

How Orthotics Help

Your Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, chiropodist will design orthotics for you after examining and diagnosing your specific foot problem. These are the ways that an orthotic can help your feet:

  • They lift the inner arches of the feet, which can help prevent fallen arches.
  • Orthotics provide cushioning for the heels.
  • If you have problems with bunions, orthotics can help align the toes.
  • Accommodative (soft) orthotics can manage the amount of force you put on your feet each day while standing, walking, or jogging.

Specialized Orthotics for Your Feet

One benefit of seeing a podiatrist or chiropodist regularly is that your foot doctor can customize an orthotic for you at intervals as needed. Your doctor will take an impression of your feet and send them to a laboratory for processing. At your next appointment, the chiropodist will provide you with your new orthotics and make adjustments as needed.

Visit Your Chiropodist for Measurements

Sometimes all that your feet need is a little extra support to get stronger and healthier. Have our chiropodist at Hamilton Foot Care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada create custom orthotics for you to wear in your shoes each day. Call (905) 389-9711 today to set an appointment with Corey Bess, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Chiropodist.

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