Treating Bunions in Hamilton, Ontario, CA

The normal shape of a foot is straight on both sides with all of the toes aligning in the same direction. When the toes point inward and there is a bump appearing on the inside of the foot it is called a bunion. While a bunion can go away with time and better foot care choices, sometimes you need professional help from a chiropodist. At Hamilton Foot Care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Corey Bess, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Chiropodist and his team can help you identify solutions and begin a foot treatment plan for bunions.

Why Are Bunions Problematic?

Though a bunion looks like growth from the skin, it is a bone protrusion caused by the big toe shifting toward the other toes. Bunions can develop in both children and adults. Seniors and arthritic patients may also be more prone to developing this foot condition. These are some of the reasons why bunions can become a problem that cannot be ignored:

  • They cause significant foot discomfort when you walk or stand.
  • Your shoes will no longer fit as they did in the past.
  • Bunions make the feet look unattractive and unnatural.
  • Joint problems in the feet and toes may worsen over time.
  • The toes constantly press together and may begin to permanently overlap.

Bunion Solutions

It is important to seek treatment for a bunion that is starting to form as early as possible to stop the progression. The more the bone protrudes and sets in its new position the more difficult it can be to realign the foot without surgery. Our chiropodist at Hamilton Foot Care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, can provide solutions for bunions at any stage in the following ways:

  • Create custom orthotics that are designed to realign and support the toes and joints.
  • Referral to a therapist for prescribed foot exercises performed both at regular appointments and at home.
  • Corticosteroid injections for pain.
  • Bunion surgery is also called a bunionectomy.

Preventing Bunions on Your Feet

In addition to getting help from a professional, there are preventative actions that you can take to correct this common foot deformity. Prevention tips for bunions include:

  • Changing your shoes and specifically avoiding shoes that have a pointed toe.
  • Prioritize your joint health by updating your diet and taking supplements recommended by your chiropodist.
  • Warm foot soaks and heat therapies.

Let a Podiatrist Fix Your Bunions

You do not have to continue to be embarrassed or hide your feet due to bunion problems. Call (905) 389-9711 today to schedule an exam for your bunions with Corey Bess, DPM, Chiropodist of Hamilton Foot Care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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